Elliott Wells

Peony Masterclass

  • Time10 Hours
  • Player8 Chapters
  • Downloadable E-bookDownloadable E-Book

Spanning 8 Chapters, learn the tricks and techniques that Elliott Wells’ uses to draw, design, and tattoo his unique style of peonies.

What Our Students Are Saying


It was enlightening! I just started tattooing and I have to say that this tutorial has helped me avoid a lot of mistakes and also understand better the tattoo process.


@ josueviridian


Thank you for your knowledge. I enjoyed every minute of the seminar and truly believe my client received a better tattoo because I watched this.




It's amazing, it breaks down the process in an easily digestible way, I haven't finished the whole tutorial but I've already used the information I learned on a hannya.



Learn from the Best

Our instructors are some of the best in the tattoo industry. They take pride in creating great work and have participated in multiple competitions & won countless awards.

Tony Hu


Tony Hu Instgram

A 10 year veteran of the industry, Tony specializes in Neo-Traditional Asian art and tattoos. He is the lead artist of Chronic Ink Toronto.

Tristen Zhang


Tristen Zhang Instgram

With over 10 years of experience under his belt, Tristen is the lead artist of Chronic Ink Markham. He specializes in Neo-Traditional Asian tattoos and art.

t Wells

Elliot t

Elliott Instgram

Elliott is a 9-year veteran of the tattoo industry. Starting out in neo-traditional designs, he found a love for peonies, and his demand skyrocketed.

Coming Soon

We’re working hard to create classes that will help you improve your skills as a tattoo artist.

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Waves Masterclass

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Waves are one of the most important background subjects in Asian art/tattoos, and can really add to the totality of the piece when done well.

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